What if?

The line from Revenge of the Nerds..what if…C-A-T really spelled DOG.????

I work with a 25 year old male.  He is always “thinking”. 

Today he held up a highlighter.  He said we both agree this is blue, he said but what if your idea of blue is different than my idea of blue and it’s really orange.  He said how do we prove it is BLUE.

I told him he made my brain hurt.  You think too much. But can you really think too much? 

When I start thinking of it all, I could drive myself crazy.  Life, death, future, the past?  Did it all really happen?  Will it all continue to happen?  What really does happen after death? Is this all a dream?  If you ponder too long ….  well…. it can all lead you to somewhere dark…scary….


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