Our office went to lunch together as a group today.  One of our group is moving to a new department.  We have one person that is a newer hire.  A person you really don’t want to be around.  Just seems like they know it all and aren’t happy with anything or anyone.  I wonder what makes people like that.  Loud and opinionate.  Rude.  They don’t ever seem to see it when they are like that. 

Then I find out that before I was hired, I had opinions formed of me.  They were soon corrected and changed, but funny how people can look at things and view things one way, before they even know you.  They want to form opinions. 

It’s sad. 

I don’t let things like that bother me too much, but I thought it may be different…but it’s just the same. 

At least get to KNOW a person before you start looking at something being wrong. 


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